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  Hugh Dancy was born in Detroit, Michigan. She graduated from Roseville High School in 2003. While living in Detroit, she was an active member of her local community theatre. She's famous as Allison Argent in Teen Wolf. She's even know as Denise in Skyline and as Bess, the main character in Crush.  

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    Current Project.
    "Teen Wolf" (2011-2014)
    Role: Allison Argent.
    - In Italy on Fox and MTV.

    "Crush" (2013)
    Role: Bess.
    - DVD for sale in USA.
    - In Italia not available.


    "Jewtopia" (2013)
    Role: Rebecca Ogin.
    - In USA DVD for sale.
    - In Italia not available.

    "Too Late" (2014)
    Ruolo: Dorothy.
    - Filming.


    Social Network.



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